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"The show is unabashedly patriotic and hopes to inspire about American politics. We're not going for cheap shots to get an audience but rather trying to show politicos for being the hard working, civic minded people I believe most of them are." - Brent Roske


"Are you a political junkie? Need a political fix? Then you have to watch “Chasing the Hill.” It’s absolutely fantastic." - Examiner

"CTH has built a cult-like following since it's premiere online last year...seeks to find the bright side of politics" - The Hill

"Perhaps “Chasing the Hill” will inspire the next generation into politics who prefer to watch TV on their laptop." - NPR

"West Wing" fans are always clamoring for the next "West Wing," and the show "Chasing the Hill" is a strong contender for the title."

- Washington Examiner

“Chasing the Hill” draws pretty strongly from elements of the “The West Wing” while using some of the cinéma vérité style of film making made famous by John Cassavetes and updated more for television by shows such as “Friday Night Lights.” - Roll Call


"Sure to whet the appetite of political junkies and the disenchanted alike...You're drawn in by the similarities to the beltway, but hooked by the real challenges of balancing public and private life." - ABC News/ The Note DC

"After almost 2 decades as a US senator, this is one of my favorite programs."- Senator Dennis DeConcini,  U.S. Senator Arizona (Ret.)

I didn’t just enjoy “Chasing the Hill,” I enjoyed it even more the second time I watched it. The dialogue is clever and often humorous, and the acting is excellent. I almost felt like I was eavesdropping rather than watching a performance. SocialInDC

"Fans in need of a West Wing fix may find comfort in a new Richard Schiff venture called Chasing the Hill.' - Times of London

Created, written & directed by Brent Roske​​

Executive Producers: Richard Schiff & Brent Roske



VIDEO: Reception Co-hosted by Gov. Gray Davis & Richard Schiff feat. David Hasselhoff, Robin Weigert and more click here to watch





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